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Sometimes when I wake up
The first thing I look at is my rose
Newly arrived from the night

Sometimes it breaks my window
And wakes me up harshly
But I don't worry
Sometimes the rose is hurt and it's petals are covered with dirt.

When this happens, it's common
I get up from my bed and I watch him die
Bathed by the moonlight
His curse and his passion
Just after me because I am his first and only passion
And so I watch him die
Oh, so peacefully drowned on his fury
Covered with dirt
Dirt tires me as roses
I must be awake, he deserves
And the disappointment of my love
Is me loving my own disappointment

Why are you like this
Why this fury
Why this rage
You're so hurt
Don't cry, my baby
And your claws are scratching the floor furiously
Lost on a nightmare of innocent blood
Scratching the pain of the blood's innocents
Dark curved claws destroying the floor
I cared so much of this floor
Cleaned it
Washed it
And now you're swimming on nightmares
Oh, please, don't suffer!
You suffer
Wolfy nightmares
I suppose the people you killed with your dark claws
Haunted on their beds
Running and saving their blood
Haunt now the stairs and walls of your mind
As you kept them close to your theet on their own homes
Now they keep you close to their screams on your own mind

Everytime I wake like this
Looking to my rose
You lay bathed by your curse
Huge dark body
Not layed but fainted
Just an inform mass of fur
And flies, dark and furry as you
Huge flies meat flying your meaty existance
Blowflies eating your body
And dying almost after
Happy and filled with the innocent blood of the innocents
Let me clean it, my love, you're the only mess here
Inform mass you are
They don't even leave your body
Even if you move your tail or ears
Or try to raise your meanless body
Nor human nor beast
My beast
My man
I still see rage on your eyes
Why should you see love in mine?

Why weren't you a simple man
A simple employee
A common-place
Oh, I would love you all the same
I still do
Feeling your hand on mine
My skin on yours
My lips on yours
And the your raging desire
Penetrating me
Fuck, fuck, fuck
Everybody loves it
I love it more
Because the member that rapes me
Is the wolf's hunger
oh yes! please more! more! more! give me more!
You would never hurt me more than that
I'm wet just to think about it
I just hoped you were only a simple man
Or that I was only your simple beast

Come here wolf
Pet, bad pet
I can hit you, I can hurt you
You'll never leave
I'll never leave you scars
Not even the scars of your claws' murders
I need your bestiality
I need my beast and my man
I need my wolf, my inform wolf
And you need my heart
The love that flows on it
Or at least the blood I let my whists release
To your open mouth
Your theet touching my skin with love
I'm not afraid
If you ever close your mouth
My arm will die and I'll turn something like you
Just without an arm

Let's go it's time to wake up
When I wake up like this
Let's go, my rose
I had just cleaned all the blood you took with you
I just cleared all the flies and dirt
Now you're ready to become a man again
Or at least to pretend it
Your beast eyes are yellow
Hell's flames must be yellow
Your true eyes are purple
The colour of my love is purple as the flowers of the hills
Just pretend you're a real man once in a while
And let's do the love
Let's possess eachother behind the coach
Or maybe even there where you're laying
Over the blood and the flies:
That's the only difference between you and me
The beast and the wolf are innocent
The guilty is the man and the original sin

You look so beautiful
I'm tired and I just want to stay with you
Why can't you just be an ordinary man or an ordinary wolf?
Why do you need to be the beast of the fury
The beast that has all the Furies inside of it
Biting it's heart and drinking it's blood
Making you desperate for reasons you don't know
Your blessing is a curse
Or maybe the curse is the blessing
The line between god and devil is such a thin string
There is no such thing as good and evil
Just you and the rage
And me and the rage
And the love after all
Aouuu, Aouuu, Aouuu...
You scream and cry to the moon...
I love you
I love you
I love you
To the Mythical Contest of ~PoeticPath

One of the characters of one of my big stories (I have some) is an werewolf. Cuddling.
Let's see if I transmited well what I wanted...

*Not used to this style? Go read portuguese litterature!*
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March 24, 2006
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